Seducing a Woman

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September 20, 2017
October 15, 2017
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Seducing a Woman

Men differ in styles when they try to seduce a woman but there are just men who cannot deliver seducing tactics properly that they piss a woman off. If you are one of these men, make sure that you have enough knowledge on how you can seduce a person or else, your game will be over if you commit one wrong move.

Women –and even call girls in chennai –are affectionate, amorous and considerate but they can easily be pissed off when they know that there’s something fishy going on or if they know that something’s wrong…


Here are the things most women hate on men:

  • Men who are over confident and complacent piss them. They actually hate men who are too haughty.
  • Men who crave for sex all the time can piss them off… stop displaying or sending signals that you are horny or else, women will be agitated and will leave you.
  • Men who never had any care on how they look piss women, too.
  • Men who do not give flattering remarks to their dates disconcert women.
  • Men who are self-absorbed and touchy are hated by Chennai Escorts.

With this long list, you might be asking yourself on how you can seduce a woman without actually pissing her off. Here are the things that you can do to make her feel loved and cared for.

  • SET THE MOOD OF THE DATE – when you’re on a date, you must make sure that the place where you’ll be together will make you feel relaxed and at ease with each other. If you chose to have a date on your place, make sure that you make your place as romantic as possible.
  • BE CLEAN AND LOOK CLEAN – women like it when their date is clean-looking. That being said, wear nice clothes and have a nice haircut. Never ever forget your hygiene, brush your teeth, spray on some cologne and cut your nails.
  • MAKE HER FEEL THAT YOU’RE INTERESTED ON HER – women like it when men compliment them, tell her that she looks nice and gorgeous.
  • TOUCH HER – be a gentleman, don’t be so touchy, hold her hand when crossing the street or while walking.


Remember to use your brains when you are trying to seduce her. Put your feet on her shoes and imagine being her and a sloppy guy seduces him, do you want her to feel that way?

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