Seducing a Woman
Seducing a Woman
October 15, 2017
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November 2, 2017
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Every man wants to be the best he can be when he’s in the bedroom. On the other hand, making a woman orgasm is one of the hardest things to do for most men. It is so awful that there are men who cannot give the climax to the call girls in chennai that they are with, but this is not difficult at all as it’s not as hard as most men think.

One of the many ways to bring your woman to climax is the same as she uses herself when she’s masturbating. You can reap greater results when you make use of your fingers to stimulate her. However, you can’t just go on and chafe her clitoris and insert your finger inside her without guaranteeing an arousal for her. What you can do is massage her inner thighs, touch her tummy up to her breasts, lick and suck her nipples. Touch all the erogenous spots of her except her vagina… so that when you touch it, it will give her an electrifying feel.

A woman will never be stimulated with just one fingering method, there are actually six (6) of them, and these are tried and tested.


Put your index and middle finger together, and place them on her clitoris, rub it in a slow and sexy circular motion.  Make your speed and pressure varying, but remember not to put too much pressure on her, you will then find something that drives her to be wild. There are many girls who masturbate like this, so do not be shocked if you realize that her body stimulates and reaches its climax by doing this.


Use one or two of your fingers to slither along, over and around her clitoris and its surrounding area as you trace the number 8. Then cover the clitoris and the inner labia. The labia is an area where has a lot of nerve ending in the walls, this is an area where women find more arousing.


Put your middle and index fingers on the sides of her clitoris, making it sandwiched, and then rub them up and down at a speed that is consistent. Make sure that you keep a gentle touch as the clitoris and the areas around it are very sensitive when it comes to touches.


Stick your thumb inside her vagina and push it against the wall above it, this will put some stimulation on your girl’s G-spot. The palm of your hand should be on her clitoris that way you can push down on it to provide pressure –this provides stimulation.


Lie next to her and push your palm into her clitoris, with your fingers over her vagina. Stick a finger in her vagina to fuel her orgasm while slowly putting pressure onto her clitoral area.


Put your index and middle finger in her vagina and point your thumb up as it rests on the clitoris. Do a sexy circular move with your thumb while you are using your fingers inside her, this will surely give her an electrifying orgasm.

Do some experiments on these fingering methods until you find what really stimulates a girl. When you notice that he arouses more on a method, keep it up and continue stimulating her. You can try other methods as she nears her climax, but remember to not weaken her orgasm. It’s best to continue stimulating her.


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